Happy Color-Fall!

wrc_-5186This is my absolute favorite season! I love everything about it; the crisp air, bonfires, hayrides, football, and of course fall fashion. Some of my favorite flashback fashion memories include gauchos, Frye boots, corduroy Levis and definitely the preppy trend. Yes, I had a kilt, corduroy walking shorts, oxford shirts, argyle socks, monogrammed sweaters and pink and gray saddle shoes.

Growing up, I also loved fall because it meant seeing my friends every day. To me, fall is a season of gathering; in the school hallway, around a fire, at a football game, or an apple orchard. And so I kicked off this season gathering with my wonderful friends on a beautiful day in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It all began at our favorite store, Tish Boutique. Ashley has an amazing selection of colorful fall fashion, and I brought a trunk full of jewelry. This year’s Fall Fashion Pantone palette is so vibrant, from blue and green to red and yellow, we had a blast getting into the spirit of the season! Susanne, Deana, Jenna and Luann looked gorgeous on a perfect fall day. Take a look!

Happy fall,


Be Color-Fall with Carolyn!!!

Get ready to color your fall with rich, genuine gems hand-selected by Carolyn! Carolyn has long been celebrated as the Queen of Color! For years, she’s helped us transform our wardrobes through jewelry. Inspired by Pantone’s colors of the season, Carolyn is bringing us fresh, unique and unexpected gemstone combinations. This brilliant gemstone palette will have you accessorizing with the season’s must-have colors and the best part is, they’ll pair beautifully with everything you already have in your closet!

Read below for Carolyn’s picks and check out our lookbook here!


Let your fall jewelry wardrobe center around Riverside, Pantone’s new blue.
This shade says it all. Calming, yet confident with subtle vibrancy and sophistication, Riverside represents the constancy found in a clear blue sky that stretches above us. Take the perfect sky home with you in designs featuring the dreamy heaven stone, Lapis.

Continue the sky-blue celebration with Airy Blue. Evoking feelings of lightness and freedom, Airy Blue comes to life in dazzling Blue Topaz and Milky Aquamarine.
Complement these gems with Lush Meadow or Dusty Cedar for a fresh approach.

The warmth of rose-toned Rhodonite makes it the perfect stone to capture the welcoming autumn essence of Dusty Cedar, while your favorite green gems from Carolyn Pollack Jewelry create the landscape for Lush Meadow. Rich Malachite, Green Chalcedony and Peridot will elevate your favorite earth tones and bring a touch of elegance to every look.

Revamp your fall neutrals with Sharkskin. Wearable with any of the fresh colors in your new fall palette, this go-to gray tone is a great base for layering your more vibrant and daring color choices. Choose Hematite, Abalone, Labradorite, or the always-lovely Gray Mother of Pearl to showcase this contemporary neutral.

Mix and match things up in Aurora Red. This dynamic and sensual hue is captured in bold Coral and glowing Garnet gemstones.

Add Spicy Mustard to your wardrobe for an even more exciting and exotic twist. Citrine and Gold Mother of Pearl will each bring an elegant, yet unexpected accent to any ensemble.

See more vibrant color combinations unfold with Bodacious. The name says it all! This bright purple hue can be easily paired with pinks and reds and is sure to turn any look into an instant fashion statement. Try this vivid shade on for size with Phosphosiderite or Rhodolite Garnet.

Finally, complete your Pantone Perfect fall with Warm Taupe. Another pleasing neutral for the fall season, this trusted earth tone is celebrated in timeless gemstones like Picture Jasper and Smoky Quartz.

Your color-FALL jewelry wardrobe is waiting…



A Purity & Promise Story



Last month, a gentleman walked into the Gaylord Texan Carolyn Pollack Sterling Gallery. He told me that he was looking for a anniversary gift for his wife. I asked him how many years they were celebrating and he said, 50!

As I walked with him around the gallery, he mentioned that she loved pearls. I took down the display of the Purity and Promise Collection Necklace with Beaded Pearls. I showed him how the extender could be adjusted so she could wear the necklace at different lengths and he loved that! I then showed him how Carolyn builds her collections around coordinating pieces, like the beautiful matching cuff, ring and earrings. He knew her exact ring size, but said that she still doesn’t have her ears pierced. He said, “She’ll get around to it one of these days,” with a smile.

After he selected the three collection pieces, I asked him if they were staying in our resort. He said that they live close and that he was going to bring her back for dinner the next night at our famous steakhouse, Old Hickory. Since I knew the resort looked busy for the weekend, I asked if I could call and make reservations for them. He thanked me and said yes! I explained to the Reservations Desk that it was a very special occasion and they promised to let the chef know. Since the reservations were at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and the gallery would still be open, I suggested that I wrap the boxes with ribbon and tissue and put them in one of our signature bags and keep them in the office, so when they arrive, he could just stop by and pick them up on the way to the restaurant. He loved that idea, “Less to remember.”

As he was leaving, I asked him his secret for a 50 year marriage. His response. “To give and forgive.” Perfectly said. We are so blessed to have played a small part in his marriage philosophy.

Deb Ebeling, Gallery Manager Gaylord Texan

It’s Beginning to Feel Like Fall

Our daughter Tiffany and her daughter Easter and son Ivo are heading back to Brooklyn after a fun visit to New Mexico. As we deflate all the pool toys, put the outdoor cushions away and pick up the puzzle pieces, reality hits that summer is coming to an end. Here in New Mexico, it may be 90 degrees outside, but now that the kids are back to school, it feels like fall. I have no idea where the summer went, the months seem to fly by at an accelerated rate with each year. The good news is that autumn is my favorite season. I love the colors, the aroma and the activities of fall. I look forward to football games, bonfires, green chiles roasting and hot air balloons in the sky. And I absolutely love fall fashion! Cozy sweaters, leather jackets, lots of layering and boots. Of course, everything starts with the jewelry in my closet. And this fall, I am so excited about the rich, vibrant faceted gem stones in my new collections! They will be fabulous with all of the colors in Pantone’s fall fashion palette; blues, greens, reds, yellow, purples, gray and taupe. It’s going to be a glorious fall!

I hope you’ll join me this week on QVC to discover how jewelry can transition your wardrobe into a beautiful new season. Friday from 8-10pm ET, Saturday 1-3am and 8-9pmET, and Sunday 1-3am ET. Tune in and treat yourself, you deserve it!

EB-Long-Kicker_CP-August-QVC-Tune-In-FINAL_NEW (1)

Happy Fall!

– Carolyn




Live Life Fabulously

FABULOUS. It’s a big word. And a word with high expectations. What I’ve come to realize is how FABULOUS life is when we embrace time with family and friends, old and new. I have been living life fabulously these last three weeks connecting, reminiscing, laughing, and talking about things that truly matter. Relationships.

I co-hosted a bridal shower for my niece Jessica in Minnesota. My sister Becky, Jessica’s mom, married her high school sweetheart Al, and our family and Al’s have been like one big family. One of my best childhood friends was Al’s sister Sue. My mom Linnea and Al’s mom Shirley are great friends. These connections are lasting and true. It was wonderful to spend time playing shower games, opening meaningful gifts, and seeing the joy on our guests faces when  they opened their shower favor…….CP Sincerely Fabulous pendant enhancers in the bride’s color, rhodonite on mauve cord.


Fourth of July is my favorite national holiday, it’s the weekend Bill and I were married! This year we had a romantic dinner at Wyebrook Farm in Pennsylvania and spent time reminiscing. That weekend 22 years ago on Mackinac Island in Michigan, Bill’s family and mine came together for the first time. Tiffany and Miles bonded with my nieces, and these were moments we also fondly recalled at the bridal shower in Minnesota three weeks ago. Special memories are lasting and connect us over the years and miles. Creating those moments is a life lived fabulously.

Carolyn Pollack Jewelry pieces are a way to turn first impressions into lasting connections. Each time a new friend compliments your favorite statement necklace and you gift an old friend a timeless design is a chance to share memories and make new ones. It’s the little things shared that mean the most and create the connections that will last a lifetime.

Let’s keep connecting!




Connecting though jewelry is so much fun!!

I recently returned from the largest jewelry show in the country, JCK Las Vegas. Of course I love the show for the endless displays of every style of jewelry and every color of gem imaginable. It is both overwhelming and incredibly inspiring!  But I have to say, what I most look forward to each year is connecting with all of the friends Bill and I have made through our love of jewelry.

We had a great time brainstorming and live streaming with our lovely QVC Buyer Erin and the beautiful QVC Host and good friend Nancy Hornbeck.

Speaking of beautiful show hosts, I was so delighted that Judy Crowell dropped by!

IMG_2513 (1)

We became friends years ago when Judy was a host at QVC. I swear, this women does not age! She shared a picture from 2003, when she and her husband Paul joined Bill and me for dinner just before they were married.


She and Paul are loving life in St. Petersburgh, Florida. I would be too if I could cruise around the neighborhood in her custom golf cart! It’s solar powered and street legal.


There is a lasting connection I will cherish forever, our friendship with John and Kathleen Avila. If not for them, Bill and I would never have met. They introduced us over a business dinner 23 years ago, and the rest is history! We were delighted that they stopped by our booth at JCK while shopping for their fabulous airport gift stores.

Avila, CP BP

I hope your summer plans includes connection with those you love!



A Big Thank You!

Hi Everyone!!

Wow, what a great day we had together on May 29th! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more fabulous than 9 hours together live on air on QVC, we managed to create a little more fun through Facebook Live Stream!


In case you missed our fun chats, below you’ll find links to Jane Treacy and me two days before the big day, Nancy Hornback and me 5 minutes before the 3pm show, and finally, Antonella and me 30 minutes after the long, fabulous day!!! Seriously, I could have talked for another hour or two, thanks to YOU!! We loved your comments and questions, and also your sense of humor and patience with us!!!

Let’s do it again!



Link to chat with Carolyn and Jane Treacy

Link to chat with Carolyn and Nancy Hornback

Link to chat with Carolyn and Antonella Nester

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Shopping with friends feels FABULOUS!

I love knowing that thousands of women have found a connection through my jewelry. I truly cherish the friendships I have made over the years. My second home is in West Chester, PA, home of QVC. I’ve been fortunate to spend time there each month for 21 years, and am blessed to have developed wonderful, lasting connections. The models and I have spent all hours of the day together in the QVC studio, and have as much fun on air as we do behind the scenes. In fact, Deanna and I just realized we’ve known each other for 12 years!

Blog Pic 1

Time spent in West Chester is often my “girlfriend time”. Recently, I spent the day with three of my beautiful (inside and out) friends in the historic, charming and stylish West Chester Borough. We met at my favorite store, Tish Boutique, and had a blast styling all of my new jewelry with the amazing clothing selection there. While the temperature wasn’t quite spring-like, the excitement and energy in the boutique made it feel like 80 degrees and sunny with just the right breeze. In a word, Perfect!

Blog Pic 2

Tonda and Ashley at Tish know just how to make you feel at home. On Sundays they serve champagne and play Frank Sinatra tunes. And did you notice how the pegs on the walls of the dressing rooms say YES, MAYBE and NO? That is brilliant!!! These girls are busy and need to make some quick decisions! Jenna was the first to arrive, so we jumped right in. Deanna and Susanne had some catching up to do!  Playing dress-up makes a girl hungry, so we all headed out for gelato and more laughter.

Blog Pic 3 (2).jpg

With one of my biggest QVC events of the year coming up on May 29th, I am humbled and honored to call the women I have come to bond with throughout the years, through jewelry, my dear friends.  As I spent the last 10 months designing the jewelry and planning all of the fun around this event, I kept coming back to what is most important to me. Lasting connections. I wanted to design a new suite of jewelry that is as timeless and important as true, committed relationships. I also wanted to make this event very special and interactive for our community of collectors. If you’d like to learn more about what’s in store, click here to our Event Page. We will be updating with details as they become final….Live Streaming, Live Chats, Sweepstakes, Behind the Scenes fun and who knows what else!  We’ll also keep you up to date on our Carolyn Pollack Jewelry Facebook page!

I hope you can join me in this celebration. It’s always fabulous when you shop with friends!

Blog Pic 4

Love and Joy,


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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Twenty two years ago, over the Fourth of July weekend, my life changed in a dramatically fantastic way!  I married the love of my life, and also became a stepmom to two amazing children.  I have never liked the label of “step” anything. But as I think about the importance of my relationship with Tiffany and Miles today, I realize we have taken many steps in our lives together.  I know it’s not easy for kids to adapt to someone new in their dad’s life, and I am so grateful for their love and the blessings they have brought to my life.


Tiffany was 14 and Miles 10 when we became an extended family on that beautiful day on Mackinac Island. Those years are pretty emotional for kids without the complication of another person in their life! I am so proud of their grace and openness to communication early on. I am also thankful that we had virtually zero electronic distractions! We spent our time together talking, hiking, cooking, exploring and visiting family.  My mom and grandma immediately bonded with and embraced Tiffany and Miles. It was heartwarming for me to experience, and certainly a special relationship I am reflecting on this Mother’s Day.


We’ve taken many important steps together along our life journey over the past 22 years. High school, college, careers, marriage, and most recently babies! Now Bill and I try to spend as much time as possible with Tiffany, Andrew, Easter and Ivo in Brooklyn; and Miles, Heather Grace and Georgia in San Diego. I am happy that I am not “Step-Grandma”, but Grandma Carolyn to Easter and Ivo, and Gob-Co to Grace. We’ll have to wait to hear from Georgia, 6 weeks old on Mother’s Day!

I am so proud of the parents our children have become, and thankful for the mothers Bill and I were blessed with.


Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Love and Happiness,


Macy’s Meet the Designer with Carolyn!

Alex and I are here in fabulous Southern California! Excited to make new connections with fellow jewelry lovers; all thanks to the personal connections we’ve made over the years! Aren’t those the most meaningful connections after all?

Above: Carolyn and new gal pal Kathy Lambert (left) and Constance Bennett, a classic beauty (right)

Over the years I have been honored to meet so many wonderful women through my jewelry; but equally awesome is knowing that so many of you have formed friendships through jewelry and discovered a fun way to bond with your daughters, sisters, mothers and husbands too!

Above: Carol with daughter Elizabeth (top left) Emily with husband Blue (top right) and Kaylene Flores and her mother (bottom)

Saturday we celebrated at the Macy’s in Temecula and Sunday at Macy’s Palm Desert.

As we hit the road for Los Angeles, we leave with great memories, new friendships and look forward to connecting again.

Happy trails,

Carolyn and Alex